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Connecting Customers and Bakers

Heart of Baking is a company that focuses on connecting customers to bakers. You can find a baker here, no matter where you are around the world. We do this by locating local bakers and offering them a free web page to advertise their business with. We give them tools to build and improve their businesses. We work with bakers who have a home baking business, a bakery, or bake for a hobby for friends and family. We also allow pages to be used by children to scrapbook their progress in baking!

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We provide the customer with a rating system, so they can indicate to others how well the baker does in customer service as well as baking product.

bluemixer - Home makes obtaining home-baked goods more convenient, while helping all bakers build their businesses.

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Why the name, Heart of Baking? The items listed on this website are the “heart” of baking–all that is needed from what we offer is the “love” of baking and the “love” of eating yummy treats!

Locate Your Favorite Baked Goods

Locate your favorite baked goods year-round by hiring an area baker. Read and write reviews of their work. Bakers, it is recommended that you have some items that are affordable on a daily basis to our customers.

Enjoy Home-Baked Goods

Find Home-Baked Goods All Year Round! Type the name of the item, example: “cinnamon rolls” into the search bar to find the bakers that make these. Can Someone Say “YUMMY!

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Build a Baking Business

Participate in group advertising, add a web page to share recipes, learn tips and tricks in baking, take baking classes, and receive orders from customers. Share your free webpage with your customers to advertise your home baking business and bakeries.

Transform the Way You Buy Baked Goods

Imagine being able to buy home-made baked items like your mom or grandma used to make. That’s what Heart of Baking is all about. We want to add options to the way people buy their sweets.

In order to purchase sweets, you may have to go to the grocery store and hope they have something you like, but you could guarantee it would not be as good as your expectations, as you notice it’s not as good as you remember having in the past.

With the help of, you can now evaluate local bakers’ abilities to make the baked goods that you love based on their star rating. If you still are not satisfied, you can befriend the baker and recommend adjustments to their recipe. Perhaps, you could even share your loved one’s recipe with your new found baker!

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To apply for a free baker’s web page, click here. For other comments, please use the below contact form.