Avoid Bulging Cakes

Cakes bulge when they have not settled before icing them.

  • Let the cakes set several hours or overnight before icing them.
  • Set cakes bottoms UP. Do not put bottoms together


  1. Don’t put layers together while frozen.
  2. Bake, cool, fill generously between layers, and put them together THEN freeze. Cake should be room temperature before unwrapping it. For a simple 8-10″ cake, 12 hours to overnight will be sufficient thawing time.
  3. But if you were to freeze a large wedding cake it may take longer. I found that a 16 inch 2-layer wedding cake needed almost 2 days with using the 2-plate system for a wedding cake.
  4. Also, freezing tends to dry out icing. Recommend that you freeze a bare or crumb-coated cake than an iced cake.