Baking Cookies in Food Dehydrator

A Comment about baking cookies in a food dehydrator. “…baking 100+ cookies and they are currently just sitting in it cooking, I am debating just shutting the door on it and calling it a night! 😂❤️ I decorate on the racks (they are perfect size and have a tiny lip so nothing slides off but also I don’t have to pick them up, it has plenty of room so I can have a trays of cookies towards the top and then stacks of cookies & icing on the bottom rack. It’s super functional in so many ways for me! Plus keeps little fingers out! It has a timer and also shows the exact temp and how long is left on the cycle. And the low temp is 80.” (This comment is for the Cabela’s 80-Liter Commercial-Grade Food Dehydrator.)

Thanks Taya Moore of Crying Over Cookies FB Group for the Above.

Another use for the dehydrator is to speed up the frosting drying process, so the next layer of frosting can be applied. (Comment by Holly Sabatelli of Crying Over Cookies.