Blind Image Designs

Jacklyn Williams, Graphic Designer

Since 2004

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About Me:

I am a self-taught graphic designer since 2004. What started out as a hobby, became a college decision, to a side gig, to a full-fledge freelance business. My work experience includes non-profits, government, and private sector, as well as a small business partnership and sole-proprietorship. Designing is my passion, and I enjoy the entire process of it from start to finish. To be able to do it for a living is just a bonus. I am always learning or brushing up on my design skillset as well as the latest design trends and techniques.

About Blind Image Designs:

The Name. Blind Image Designs, was established as my business name in May 2018; however, I the name has been in my head since 2003. I did not know the meaning of the name, but I loved how it sounded. It was unique and quite frankly, did not make sense.

Passion. My passion comes from designing and the enjoyment I have from concept to production. Every entrepreneur, every business, every company starts with an idea or visualization, but implementing it all is where most owners get stuck. Turning these ideas and visualizations into reality is Blind Image Designs’ mission. This is where I “create the vision.”

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