Change Plan Options


If you would like to make changes to your webpage, which was entered under the FREE option, I need to know which plan option you would like to change to.

Reference to the three options is referenced on the free baker’s webpage application and found under the help4bakers link on our website: (For customers prior to 4/8/19, see policy change email dated 4/8/19 sent to your email.)

The options are Free, Cottage, or A La Carte. The upgraded options are described below:

Cottage Option. Allows three A La Carte Options of your choice per month, unlimited use. Does not include advertising or referrals. Example, unlimited pictures update would be one of the three. This is a $3 per month automatic withdrawal with a 12 month commitment.

A La Carte Option. The price of each improvement varies. Each of the changes you are requesting are $1 each. See above link for more details about this option.

With your permission, I will send you an invoice for the option you agree to. Upon receipt of the payment, I will make the requested changes. 

Thank you so very much for being part of our group advertising efforts at

In Love with Baking,

Rolynda Sanborn