Legal Disclaimer

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1. Heart of Baking, and it’s owners, are not responsible for the items sold on this site. Using this site to connect with bakers and candy makers in your area for your baked items or candy items is the responsibility of the purchaser. It is up to you as the purchaser to verify the safety of the bakers/candy makers and their products.

2. Webpages are free to bakers and candy makers that join the Heart of Baking website. No other promises are made, unless put into an email between Heart of Baking and any interested party.

3. does not currently operate in Hall County, Georgia.  

4. The regulations vary around the world for baking baked goods and making homemade candies, as well as running a business. It is the responsibility of the bakers who use Heart of Baking to verify the regulations in their areas and take on the necessary licenses to sell to their public. Heart of Baking is not responsible for this.

5.  Pictures shared with Heart of Baking for the creation of each baker’s webpage become the property of Heart of Baking for the use of advertising on the website.  This does not stop the baker who submitted the pictures to also use them.

6.  Please pay attention to copyright laws when submitting items for your webpages.  Any posting of copyright infringement is the responsibility of the individual bakers.  It is not the responsibility of Heart of Baking to verify copyright on each picture, nor is Heart of Baking responsible for any law suit as a result of an individual baker’s failure to follow copyright laws.

7.  When finds information that will be helpful to our bakers, we will post the source, if known, in order to give credit to the owner as well as to drive traffic to their sites, so their baking businesses may grow as well.

8. makes profits through advertising, affiliate fees, and webpage upgrades.  When a company advertises, it does not mean that recommends the product.  Items that can be purchased through may include an affiliate fee and again are not a recommendation of  

9.’s owner is not a professional baker and is only providing a service to bakers around the world in becoming a one-stop source for bakers to find the information they need to grow and advertise their businesses.  It also provides a service that allows customers to find their area bakers in one location.