How to Frost a Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting

Recommendation: Use Whip’n Ice whipped cream frosting by Flavor Right, which holds up outside the refrigerator. Other whipped cream frostings do not hold up. Here is the link for this product:

  1. To add a center to your cake, use the above frosting around the perimeter
  2. Add fruit in center of the cake to the edges of the frosting perimeter
  3. Add whipped cream frosting on top of fruit
  4. Circle fruit jam over the top.  T
  5. his allows for a stronger attachment of the two cakes with this as the center.

Crumb coat has to be buttercream.  Buttercream has to go over opening between layers, even if you are using whipped cream as the main frosting, to stabilize the cake.