Business Insurance

Complete Decorating Techniques Links

Bidding on Cakes for Customers.  Charge customers.

Make sure all pics identified with credits if not hob baker

Add recipe card print option to print recipes with

Start stenciling business (make in Design Space?)

Start scribe business (decorated needles to help clean cookies); Satinior Stainless Steel Cocktail Picks eBay

Start cookie cutter business, make sure they are not flimsy, are dishwasher safe and food safe, not porous

Finish custom cookie order form and add to pricing and list on facebook

stop spam on baker’s orders

make and sell homemade vanilla, grow my own plants

add items from vendors for sale to my pages:

Super Fun Cakes and More

Projector and Airbrush Cookies, baking techniques

Edible Images on Cookies, baking techniques

Start Stencil Biz.

Start printable image biz.

Stencibelle Flourbox Bakery, 3-part stencils, add as vendor