by Cupcake Jemma

makes 1 dozen cupcakes


150 g butter (high fat content apx. 82% fat) butter should be squeezable but no shine and have a smooth and silky consistency

340 g powdered sugar (sifted-important) avoid tricounty phosphate in powdered sugar if possible

¼ T vanilla to 3-4 T whole milk


Beat butter for 5 minutes

Paste Coloring, not liquid coloring

Add half of powdered sugar at a time, start at a low speed so icing doesn’t spray everywhere

beat 3-5 minutes until smooth with each addition

Add milk (see * if adding color)–start with 3 T and adjust milk as needed up to 4T, beat 3-4 minutes til milk is incorporated, smooth and spreadable consistency and not too loose that it doesn’t hold its shape, smooth & silky

*Coloring. Always use color paste, liquid coloring changes consistency. Coloring with milk helps keep color consistency throughout. If u r making frosting one color, start with small amount of color along with small amount of frosting. Get the color all mixed up, then add the rest of the frosting.