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Thanks so much for allowing me to make your edible cake top.  I created the image on an icing paper per your request (round).  Please follow these directions to protect your image:  place icing paper image in freezer for 30 seconds to stiffen prior to trying to peel.  It will tear easily, please be very careful when pulling away the backing.  The icing paper will adhere to your cake and can be cut.  Keep the image out of the heat; storing in a cupboard is fine.

I also included a wafer paper printout in case the icing paper tears for you (8.5 x 11” paper).  If you use the wafer paper, you need to cut the image out, spritz the cake evenly and lightly with water where you want to lay the image, and lay the image on the cake (uneven spritzing can cause bubbles).  The wafer paper image cannot be cut and must be removed prior to cutting the cake.

There is a review section on my webpage.  You are one of my first customers.  Would you please consider giving me a review?  I would greatly appreciate it.  The link is:


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Rolynda Sanborn, Owner