Stand Mixer vs. Hand Mixer

mixer - Stand Mixer vs. Hand Mixer

I once received a stand mixer for a wedding gift from my mom. I was never able to use it because like everything else, my sister borrowed it and told me it broke–later I figured out she probably stole it. Well enough of the family politics.

My daughter came home about a couple months ago with another stand mixer. They are so expensive, I just thought to myself, I don’t want one of those–what a waste. I was happy for her, but it just was not for me.

Then…I made some frosting for a cake, and I had not let the butter get to room temperature. There were all these little tiny bumps across the top of my cake as I tried to smooth it. My daughter, put the frosting under her stand mixer, and it smoothed it all out. No effort, the machine did all the work. Now…I want one. It literally saved my neck!