Shortcut: Try Dipping Cookies

dipped cookies - Shortcut: Try Dipping Cookies
Picture by Tina Schiffer

Instead of flooding and bordering cookies. Try dipping them.

Lightly drop it in the bowl of RI (make sure your cookie goes in straight/flat/level),

Tap the corners a bit to make sure to get maximum coverage (but don’t press too hard or they will sink)

Lift out at a slight angle (not straight up or they will suction to the RI).

Be careful not to get the icing on your fingers when lifting out as then it makes a mess.

Thicker cookies work best.

Consistency of Royal Icing: a bit looser than if you were to pipe cookies. Use a 10 (maybe 12) second consistency though, firm enough to stay on the cookie without dripping/running off, but loose enough so when turned over can still be “scribed” to remove any extra bubbles or push into the corners.