Training Manual

Add Webpage for International Bakers

  • Use Intn’l Contact form, duplicate before using
  • Create Webpage
  • Add location to map
  • Send Intn’l Letter to Baker Confirming Webpage done, need pictures and logo
  • Receive pictures, send webpage done email to baker
  • Post good pictures to Pinterest

Add Webpage for U.S. Bakers

  • Use Domestic contact form, duplicate before using
  • Create Webpage
  • Add location to map
  • Send Letter to Baker Need Pictures, Logo, and Menu
  • Post details to database:
  • Receive Pictures, No Menu, Send Letter Need Menu
  • Receive Pictures, Logo, and Menu, Send Letter Webpage Done
  • Post good pictures to Pinterest


Customers signing up for a blog via email to you means they are really wanting a free baker’s webpage.  See home page bottom.


  • Look for postings from other bakers FB groups and add to our posts
  • Ask permission to share other’s works and pictures, record of this should be in facebook conversations when pulled back up
  • Ask bakers to see their work, then ask if they have a webpage, then refer to HOB

Flamingo, Database

Categorize each email listing in Flamingo to show its status: spam, baker, pending baker, customer.

Flamingo can produce reports easily, so emails can go to bakers for advertising or unsent pictures, pending bakers for their locations, and customers for advertising.


Check Email Daily:, HOBedibles,

Check Etsy for sales daily.