Upgrades to Free Baker’s Web Page

FREE:  Basic Baker’s Web Page

Basic FREE Baker’s web pages include: company name, company logo, owner name, city state zip, menu/price list 10 items, 10 pictures, order form, customer reviews, military acknowledgement.


Other Options:


Extra Content:  $5 one time fee (examples:  announcements of teaching classes, awards, or degrees.)

Service Member Acknowledgement:  Free

Map Showing Your Location: $10

Order Form Extra Questions:  $20

Menu/Price List:  $1 per each additional item over 10 items

Picture Tags: $1 each, identify name of product

Pictures of Baked or Candy Goods: $1 for each additional picture over 10, (10 pictures max first page, 20 each on additional pages)

More than one page: $20 

Full first page, no right column:  $30


URL. $10  Example:  from Roly-Poly’s-Bakery to RolyPoly’sBakery

Company or Owner Name.  $10

Email. $10

Menu:  $10

Logo:  $5

Address:  $3

Pictures: $1 each


New Customer Referrals or Inquiries. $3 per new customer, current customer orders FREE


Advertising on Page of Your Choice:  $20/month.  (Ads are not run on individual baker’s web pages)


Send Requests:  weloveheartofbaking@gmail.com. 

Invoices:  Mailed to your email on file.  Credit cards accepted.