Webpage done, need pictures and menu

SUBJECT:  Webpage Complete, Need Pictures and Price List/Menu


Thanks so much for your heartofbaking.com application submission.  Your new webpage can be viewed at:


May I recommend we also add a company logo (if available), up to 10 pictures and a menu/price list to your page.  You can forward your pictures to our email address:


For further improvements to your webpage, please see our website for your options. I look forward to seeing your pictures and the talent you are offering to share with others!  

Please consider becoming a friend of our facebook group in order to stay tuned into improvements to our website that may affect your business as we grow as a baker’s group. The link is: https://www.facebook.com/FindLocalBakers/?modal=admin_todo_tour

I’m also greatly appreciative that you have decided to join our group.  Please use your new web page address on all your advertising.  We are working together as a group to advertise the web site.  Together we will be able to bring more traffic to the site and to each of us individually.

I highly recommend that you ask your prior clientele to place a review on your new web page and ask them if they would share it on their facebook.  This will help your page grow faster, along with the advertising heartofbaking.com and other bakers will also be doing to help.

Please add  wordpress@heartofbaking.com and weloveheartofbaking@gmail.com to your email safe list, so your baking orders and correspondence do not go into your spam.

Advertising Ideas:

May I recommend gathering a few recipes to attract the smaller buyers.  Smaller buyers may start out small but can be converted into purchasing the more expensive items when they earn your trust.

Also, another idea for promoting your business is to offer small gift cards, bows, some type of gift wrapping, delivery service for gift promotion.