Webpage Done

SUBJECT: Baker’s Webpage Complete


I received your menu, price list, and pictures. Thank you so much for joining Heart of Baking. Your webpage has been updated and is waiting for your review. Please let me know if there are any problems.

If everything is okay with your webpage, please add your webpage link:  


to your business advertising.

For upgrades to your webpage, please review the following link, which can also be found on the menu:  https://www.heartofbaking.com/webpage-upgrades/

May I recommend gathering a few recipes to attract the smaller buyers.  Smaller buyers may start out small but can be converted into purchasing the more expensive items when they earn your trust.

Also, another idea for promoting your business is to offer small gift cards, bows, some type of gift wrapping, delivery service for gift promotion.

Together, each person who advertises showing their heartofbaking webpages, will be contributing to the advertising of all. Heart of Baking also pays for continuous advertising to contribute toward the growth of the site. Please ask all your customers to like and comment on your page to help with your growth.

Thank you once again for allowing us to assist you in the growth of your business.