Free Webpage + Upgrades

Free Option:

Basic FREE Baker’s webpages include: company name, company logo, owner name, city state zip, menu/price list 10 items, 10 pictures, order form, customer reviews, military acknowledgement.


Cottage Option:

$3/mo direct withdrawal, 12 month commitment.

Basic free baker’s webpage 


3 A La Carte Options of your choice per month, unlimited use.  Does not include advertising or referrals.  Example, unlimited pictures update would be one of the three A La Carte Options. 


A La Carte Option:

Free Baker’s Webpage and purchase a la carte options as needed.



Full Page Webpage: $15

Picture and 1 paragraph Biography of Baker:  $10 \

Additional Page with Baker’s Picture and Biography:  $15

Extra Content:  $5 one time fee (examples:  announcements of teaching classes, awards, or degrees.)

Service Member Acknowledgement:  Free

Map Showing Your Location: $10

Order Form Extra Questions:  $20

Menu/Price List:  $1 per each additional item over 10 items

Picture Tags: $1 each, identify name of product

Pictures of Baked or Candy Goods: $1 for each additional picture over 10, (10 pictures max first page, 20 each on additional pages)

More than one page: $20 

Full first page, no right column:  $30

Other Options:  write to to make suggestions


URL. $10  Example:  from Roly-Poly’s-Bakery to RolyPoly’sBakery

Company or Owner Name.  $10

Email. $10

Menu:  $10

Logo:  $5

Address:  $3

Pictures: $1 each



New Customer Referrals or Inquiries. $3 per new customer, current customer orders FREE



Advertising on Page of Your Choice:  $20/month.  (Ads are not run on individual baker’s web pages)


Send Requests: 

Invoices:  Mailed to your email on file.  Credit cards accepted.


Invoicing Policy for Referrals Only:  You will only be invoiced if your customer verifies it’s not a referral from you.  You will be invoiced immediately upon the receipt of the referral.  Once we receive two referrals plus 30 days after the last invoice, and we still have not received payment, we will send you a notice that your order form will be removed from your webpage until payment is received.  Your webpage does not come down.

Invoicing for Over $6:  Payment is due within 30 days.  If not received, your order form will be taken down until payment is made.